The Best Activities for Bachelor Parties

Looking for a great way to celebrate your friend’s bachelor party? Check out the best gentlemen’s club in Fortitude Valley and plan out the greatest buck party you have ever seen. There are a lot of things you can come up with and even add up fun activities to spice up your night. There are a lot of things you can do to make the party memorable, but it takes creativity and dedication to make unique activities for the party. There are a lot you can add for it, but below are the best activities usually done in bachelor’s party around the globe:

Share Funny Tales. Nothing beats a good tale from the past to liven up the atmosphere during the party. You can bring up the awesome times when you were kids or even an embarrassing fact about the groom. Bring the highlight to the groom and entice the guests to dig up funny memories they had with the groom and even fill up a notebook so he can look through it in the future. You can even add pictures and random trinkets that could bring back some good memories. You can look to a gentlemen’s club in Fortitude Valley for the right atmosphere.

Two Truths And A Lie. This is one of the popular games bachelors like to play in order to learn more about each other. You can even get creative and hand out papers to write two truths and one lie about themselves and let the others guess which one is which. You can even let them read it out loud in the centre and give out small prizes for each guest who guessed right.

Pin A Skirt. The typical kids party version is pin the tail on the donkey, and it usually involves a blindfold and some epic fail scenes. You can do the spin-off version by printing and cutting a skirt and getting a sexy pinup poster to pin the skirt on. The rule is simple, get the blindfold on the groom, spin him a couple of times, and watch him wobble through his way in trying to pin the skirt on the girl. Get your cameras ready, since this will be a good addition to a slideshow you can show in the future!

Don’t Say This. This game requires a good memory and focus to play, but it could be fun as the time drags on. It requires a set of words you are banned from saying and a fitting punishment for each word. You could give them a shot of a strong alcoholic drink or make them do a dare. It can last from an hour or throughout the night, depending on what kind of outcome you have in mind.

These are the simple games you can play with your guests and the groom, and you can document each fail and store them for the future. It will surely make the groom’s last night with his best buddies memorable and enjoyable!

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